Monday, July 17, 2017

I'm Still Here :o)

Happy Summer!  I've not blogged for a whole two years! Wow, long time.

I've been empty-nesting. My baby goes to college this year. This has been very difficult for me:  30 years of homeschooling our three children has come to an end. A new chapter in my life is starting. I'm scared, and I'm excited. I have so many interests and things I still want to pursue and learn to do. But, I don't want to return to school, for now. So many of my friends have returned to school to get degrees in various fields, but I've always wanted to get out of school and do. I love to learn on my own and read and do while I learn. Everyone's different. 😀

Ever since I was a girl, I've wanted to have my own shop. A big problem with having my own shop has always been finding and affording a physical place to have that shop, but with the advent of online shopping, that problem is solved. I have many things I like to make and do, and it is difficult to decide which of those I will focus on and put in my shop. I do enjoy creating jewelry, but so many people make jewelry now. I've been focusing on something that's dear to my heart, something that is an American tradition and a family tradition on my mother's side of our family. -And, I'm working on some traditions of my own that I just might share with you. I'm not posting anymore about it right now.😉

The last blogs before I stopped blogging two years ago were about my fairy garden. It was so much fun creating, and my neighbors loved it! I loved chatting with them as they walked by with their dogs or with their little ones. I kept it up for two years and have just changed the theme in my front flower garden this year. So before I go tonight, I'll share some photos of this year's theme, PokemonGo. My youngest gave me this idea, when I drew a blank about what to do this spring.
Just kidding! This is Yukichu, my daughter's pet mouse. But his friends are below. I made them all myself out of Sculpey. Hmmm, it looks like I'm missing a photo of Yukichu's favorite Pokemon. 😉 I'll have to remedy that.

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