Monday, March 23, 2015

My Shop

Hello. :o)  I owe you an explanation if you're following me because of my Etsy shop.  I have been letting the jewelry listings in my shop expire, one by one.  I've not been renewing the listings.  I've had most of that jewelry listed in my shop for over four years, and I've made about six sales in that amount of time.  That's not doing well.  I just keep paying to re-list it year after year.  So, I stopped.

I'm thinking of revamping my shop.  For now, it will keep its name.  I've got an idea that's been running through my mind for awhile now; something new to try my hand at selling.  Something that I'm better at than jewelry-making.  

Like I've said before, a good friend really encouraged me to sell my jewelry, and I think she's wonderful for having that kind of confidence in me.  It just hasn't been what shoppers have wanted to buy.  Well, "onward and upward"!  Meanwhile, I'll be in my gardens this spring. ;o)

Shop of the Month *ahem*

Happy Spring!  This month, you'll want to stop by and check out this adorable shop:
A Fairy Song

Stay, silver ray,
Till the airy way we wing
To the shade of the glade
Where the fairies dance and sing:
The mortals are asleep -
They can never understand
That night brings delight,
It is day in Fairyland

Float, golden note,
From the lute strings all in tune,
Climb, quiv'ring chime,
Up the moonbeams to the moon.
There is music on the river,
There is music on the strand,
Night brings delight,
It is day in Fairyland.

Sing while we swing
From the bluebell's lofty crest.
Hey! Come and play,
Sleepy songbirds in your nest;
The glow-worm lamps are lit,
Come and join our Elfin band,
Night brings delight,
It is day in Fairyland.'

Roam thro' the home
Where the little children sleep,
Light in our flight
Where the curly ringlets peep.
Some shining eyes may see us,
But the babies understand,
Night brings delight,It is day in Fairyland. 

~William Percy French