Sunday, September 28, 2014

Thinking this morning of homeless people. Yes, it's very hot in summer here, but it gets so cold in winter...They panhandle on our streets, but then we have the police make them stop. I've unexpectedly come upon a homeless woman over the bank of the Boise River, where folks couldn't see her from the park. We have to sweep our pretty streets clean of them, so they have to hide. We don't want our city's beautiful image to have a blemish. It's so cold out there at night....I wonder if any of them have ever been killed by a cougar, or how many die out there alone, and we don't know about it? How sad to be destitute and alone, and have no one know you died except maybe the officer who's called to investigate.....What about simple things like scurvy and other vitamin deficiencies? How did they become homeless? What if I was homeless, and someone gave me moldy bread because they had to get rid of it? It's so cold out there.....Yes, there are shelters, but they can't keep everyone inside all the time. They run on donations from you and me. Not every homeless person is a pycho. What if my kids and I were homeless? Would we be safe? Yes, I know: "Just get a job." Jobs can be hard to get, especially when you don't have a phone or address to write on the application. References? It's so cold out there.....

Sunday, August 3, 2014

My Etsy Treasuries! ;o)

At the end of the rainbow there's.....ORANGE! ;oD

Thursday, July 31, 2014

Summer Storms

      Ok, I just about jumped out of my chair!  That loud crack of thunder was right over our heads!  It's stormy today in Donnelly, Idaho.  I'm not working on projects right now, but, as I watch very tall pine trees swaying in the wind, I'm participating on my Etsy teams and updating my shop's FaceBook page.  It's a good day to do just that.  So, next time you have a rained in/snowed in day, take advantage of it, and work on your Etsy shop or teams. ;o)

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Thoughtful Summer Evening

      I'm sitting here on this beautifully mild summer evening watching HGTV with my daughter, Carolyn, and - at the same time - checking on things in my Etsy shop and thinking of ways to promote my shop.
      Getting low in the sky is the lazy summer sun, and the soothing sound of rustling leaves drifts through the window.  I'm very excited about our planned, big push to make more beautiful jewelry and nostalgic, rag dolls for this fall's big, Christmas Market at our church.  It's time to get busy preparing everything ahead of time, including our booth decorations.  *Note to self:  buy long table with fold-up legs.*  We have to provide our own table this year, and I've purchased a larger booth, as well.
      I really hope this year is a better year for our shop, as the ladies planning the Christmas Market are promoting it better than ever.  I can't wait!

Sunday, July 20, 2014

      It's July, and many are thinking about Christmas already!  It's been in the upper 90's up to 103 here.  I suppose thinking about Christmas trees and snow is a nice alternative.  It's also a great time to start thinking about Christmas shows aka bazaars aka markets. :o)  How many are in your area?

Monday, March 3, 2014

Carolyn's Creations at IdaMountain Treasures

      My daughter, Carolyn, has joined me at IdaMountain Treasures!  She has her own jewelry section in my shop, "Carolyn's Creations".  We already have several of her creations listed! :o)  Please take a look:  IdaMountain Treasures.  Carolyn is shown in the photo above modeling one of my necklaces.