Monday, February 2, 2015

I should've been an Imagineer.....

Winter is dismal, gray, and soggy, so I'm in denial.  I'm not thinking about winter.  I'm thinking about fairies.....

I'm working on a garden project for my large, front, flower bed.  I've done a different theme for the last two years.  Last year, I was turning off the water out front, when I heard, "WOW!"  A ten-year-old boy had stopped his bike on the sidewalk and was looking straight up into the face of a mammoth sunflower.  Little things like that make it so worth while.  One time, a Mom stopped and told me she and her little girl loved my garden, and they would stop and look for fairies in it.  So, this year's theme is a fairy garden.  I can't wait for spring!  I'm painting fairy houses right now, and I found some tiny fairies online.  

I've got two stone fairy houses almost finished.  I bought a cheap bag of aquarium pebbles and have been gluing them to the front and sides of two, unfinished, bird houses I bought at the craft store. It's tedious, but so cool!  I'll cover them with Miracle Grow garden soil and mostly just the fronts will show.  Then, I'll plant Irish moss to grow up over the roofs of the stone houses.  Flowers all around these tiny abodes is what I'll plant - tiny flowers like purple, rose, and white Sweet Alyssum.  Different types of pixie pads will I create - all of them surrounded by "fairy flowers" - violas, forget-me-nots, baby's breath, and more!  Oh, and don't get me started about the glow-in-the-dark paint!  I've already tried it on the stone cottages' doors and widow panes; it looks great!   I'm going to paint tiny footprints on the front sidewalk with it - it won't show in the daytime, but folks out taking late evening walks will see fairy footprints!  Shhh.....I'm even painting a fairy silhouette on our white, front door with this amazing, diurnally-invisible paint.  Fun!

I have so many more great ideas for making my garden truly magical, so stay tuned!  Hopefully, this project will keep me sane until spring!  Hurry up SPRING!!! :oD

These fairy houses are unfinished bird houses I purchased from craft stores.  You can see that I'd already started gluing aquarium gravel to the fronts of two of them in this photo.  I turned the bird houses around and drew the doors and windows on the backs of them.

These two are from the photo, above, and are almost completed.

My favorite colors are orange and purple!  I'll paint the white picket fence with glow-in-the-dark paint. ;o)

I painted all the white areas on this cottage with glow-in-the-dark paint.  It glows really well in the dark!  All the pink areas have fine glitter sprinkled on them.

The roof and base of this hut will glow in the dark, when I'm through with it!

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