Thursday, February 7, 2013

Summer Vendor

      I haven't done a whole lot of business as a vendor at various festivals and shows in the area.  I have enjoyed meeting new people and admiring what they've brought to sell, but there's one thing that's my favorite about "showing my wares" at these events:  time spent with my daughter.  She is older now and loves to sit and sell at our booth, whenever we go to events.  It's along the same line as fishing.
      When she was seven years-old, she really wanted me to take her fishing.  Well, I'd always told folks I hated fishing, because it was so boring!  All I'd ever done is sit and sit and sit and wait and catch nothing.  She finally talked me into taking her fishing one day, and I really enjoyed the time spent with her.  I took along my camera and really got some great shots of her fishing.  I've bought a license every year since, and we've spent lots of time fishin' together in the summers.
       That first day fishing was several years ago, and I have not caught a single fish yet!  I even bought the book, Fishing:  For Dummies.  I'm constantly getting pointers from people, when I tell them my fishing woes.  But, that's not the point.  Have I been exceedingly frustrated with fishing?  Yes.  What I wouldn't trade for the whole world, though, is all of that time with my daughter in some of the most gorgeous places God has created!  I always take my camera and get spectacular photos where we fish, and I have a chronicle of my daughter growing up in photos.
      I am going to sell my creations as a vendor at least a couple of times this summer - more if I can find some that don't have expensive vendor fees.  Yes, my daughter is already excited to work for me at our booth. :o)  I will be by her side, and that's what makes it all worth while.

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